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It is thanks to the generosity of our supporters that this special, God given place flourishes.  By supporting us in one of the ways below, you enable us to continue to touch lives with the healing and wholeness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  


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There are lots of ways you can donate. You can give money online, over the telephone, by post, or when you visit the centre.  You can give in celebration of a big life event or in memory of a loved one.  Don`t forget to let us know if you can gift-aid your donation.  

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Prayer PartnerBecome a Prayer Partner

Prayer is a vital part of our ministry at CCHC.  We are in the `front line` due to the nature of our ministry, so every area of this place and the work needs to be covered with prayer, especially the prayer for protection, at all times of the day.  The only way to do this effectively is to have as many people as possible interceding for us.  We call these praying supporters, our Prayer Partners. Please email for more information.   

Chapel WindowLeave a gift in your Will

Once you have made provision for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift to God, by leaving a legacy to CCHC. A gift in your Will to is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support the mission and ministry of CCHC.

A gift can be an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving towards God, and will help keep CCHC as a flourishing place of Christ`s healing and help transform lives through its ministry. 

We rejoice in the transformation, refreshing and development the Lord has enabled due to generous legacies we have received: Shalom – a safe space to meet God, Little Chapel – a place of worship (pictured here) and the Quiet Lounge – a place to be still and know the presence of God.

Without legacies and donations this would not have been possible.

Don and Marilyn`s Story

Don and MarilynDon and Marilyn first encountered Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre (CCHC) 38 years ago. They now reflect on the impact CCHC has had on their lives and why they plan to leave CCHC a gift in their wills.

Don`s story

After I was demobbed from the RAF, I knelt by my beside and said to the Lord "What does my life mean. Why am I here?" Within about 2/3 weeks of my prayer, someone at work came to me and started to talk about spiritualism. Despite my initial concerns, they sent me a couple of books on the subject. It wasn`t until later that I understood the dangers of spiritualism and communication with the dead, which is prohibited in the Bible (Leviticus 19:31).

In spite of being a Christian of long standing, having been baptised by full immersion and taking communion, it was then 25 years later that disturbing things started happening at night. Sleep evaded me, despite taking sleeping pills, for 6 months. My washed-out appearance didn`t go unnoticed and in the end my church minister suggested I should go to Crowhurst.

After listening ministry, with the Revd Jim Challis and Revd David Payne, I was annointed with oil and prayed over. Sadly, I felt no different after the ministry and returned to my room with a clear plan to take my own life. It was, whilst still in my bedroom, at CCHC that I felt the whole atmosphere in the room suddenly change, it was as if some wonderful presence was there. I saw a white light, within which was a white cross, also there was a light humming above my head. I don`t know why, but I started to count. When I reached 20 everything returned to normal and I had been healed. I experienced my first sound sleep in 6 months and have had no re-occurrence since - praise the Lord!

"Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre is very close to me, because there the Lord gave me back my life and that means everything to me"

For these reasons I feel privileged to leave CCHC a legacy gift.

Marilyn`s story

It was in the third year of our marriage, on Don`s first visit to CCHC that he was given back to me by a miracle of healing by the Lord. We have been coming almost every year since. The listening ministry, the rhythm of the sacraments, worship, prayer and teaching have enabled me to receive forgiveness, restoration, deep healing and strength from the Lord for the onward journey of life.

Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre is a safe place overflowing with God`s love and we have seen friends changed, healed and empowered there.

"I wish to see it flourish and continue so that more folk can find wholeness in Jesus"

Thus, we have decided to leave a legacy gift as a small token for all we have received.

To read more stories from our supporters click here.  

If your feel able to support us in any of these ways, please contact us on 01424 830204 or by letter or email.

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