What People Say

Everyone here contributes to the blessing, the way the meals are served, the person who cleans the rooms, the one who folds the ends of the toilet roll, the way the towels are folded – it makes you feel special. Thank you to the house staff and those who do the rooms.

I have realised we have an amazing God. I had a big burden on my shoulders and my burden has been shared.

Crowhurst is just the place, and I cannot thank you enough for everything we receive when with you.

My faith has become stronger – now I have to get time to be with the Lord, to sit quietly with him.

I knew I was being prayed for before I came. I felt a craving for God in the days leading up to the Healing Weekend.

I had heard, now I have seen and experienced the healing power of the Lord, the peace and joy of Crowhurst.

Thank you for such a wonderful time; of transition and healing; and a strong Holy Spirit presence.

Thank you for all your loving, caring, gentle provision and welcome. It feels like a fresh wind is flowing here.

I felt a strong sense of peace and renewal and what it means to be forgiven.

The Christian Healing Centre is such a welcoming, beautiful place of peace, rest and refreshment. It has been a great blessing to me to come to Crowhurst many times in the past. I look forward to coming again!

The most profound expression and outpouring of God's deep love I have ever experienced Thank you Lord for bringing me here. May it be to your praise and glory. Amen.

Thank you so very much for your kindness, gentleness and your prayers. I met with some very attentive ears and really appreciated just that.

The peace and love of our Lord is truly ensconced in this place. To be able to enjoy some rest and peace which passes all understanding from Him is wonderful. I tell Him every day of His goodness to me, in so many ways. I am so grateful.

Each time I come I say "This is going to be the best time ever" and it is! Until the next time!

Thank God for this glorious place of worship and witness to God's living power.

Thank you so much for an amazing time at New Year. The Lord healed my heart and the theme was so appropriate. May the Lord bless you for all the hard work, faithfulness and obedience.